Misaligned teeth can negatively affect the appearance. What is worse, however, are the side effects or long-term consequences for the patient.

    Misalignments and / or incorrect relation of the jaws to one another often lead to:
  • - Caries
  • - Periodontal disease
  • - increased wear of the remaining teeth, temporomandibular joint problems, facial and headaches, migraines, pain in the cervical spine and shoulder area, tinnitus (whistling in the ears), etc.

To prevent all of this, early detection and treatment in childhood and adolescence are of immense importance, as you can still influence bone growth, which can no longer be achieved in adults.
Orthodontic treatment is a very sensitive and independent specialist area in dentistry, which is why it should be carried out by specially trained orthodontists.

In our practice, it is performed by Dr. Oliver Siebelist, who has dedicated himself exclusively to orthodontics for over 17 years.